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 What do we do?

We carefully curate bespoke honeymoons and luxury registries.

At Travel Moon we take pride in helping our clients create their dream honeymoon, along with a bespoke registry of luxury items and experiences from which your guests can select your ideal wedding gift.  We understand that sometimes a candle lit dinner in Tuscany or a food experience on the banks of the Chao Phraya river holds more value than kitchenware.  Our experienced team will assist you with all the arrangements for your trip, from airport transfers and flights to the perfect accommodation and excursions, all while letting your guests spoil you on your once in a lifetime honeymoon.

Every Travel Moon is carefully curated so that there is an option for a range of budgets. All arrangements for each experience are managed by our team, ensuring that all gifts are experienced just the way your family and friends intended.  Guests receive a link to the registry along with a personalised message from you, and from there it is a simple process of selecting what they would like to spoil you with while you are away with your new partner.  Payments are quickly and easily managed online, and guests can jointly contribute to a gift if they wish.

“Travel Moon is the best wedding gift ever!  We had lived together for four years before marriage, so we didn’t need any home appliances.  We also felt uncomfortable asking our guests for money.  Travel Moon allowed our friends and family to give us a meaningful gift of their choice that made our Honeymoon in Zanzibar so much more enjoyable.

Travel Moon made our Honeymoon so much more!”

Fern, Past Travel Moon Client

“We had the most amazing experience with Travel Moon.  We were handed a letter as we arrived with all the activities that we could book that had already been paid for.  At each activity we got a note from the friend or family member that had booked it for us.  After the expense of a wedding and honeymoon, it was amazing to be able to do all the things at the resort that we would normally have to be pretty choosy about!”

Timothy, Past Travel Moon Client

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